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Jim – i don’t think that most of the people on here really intended to be single parents, but due to circumstances they are. i think they are just trying to convey the message that it’s okay and you can actually be happy as a single parent. well, that’s how i feel. i didn’t want to be a single parent, but even before the divorce process i was. i’ve been married to a man-child for 11 years. that is the problem. he’s become very selfish and everything has to revolve around him. prior to having kids it wasn’t bad (normal levels of selfishness) , but it seems that after having children his selfishness escalated to the point that the stress levels in the household are through the roof and it does effect my children. since the babies he’s gotten credit cards behind my back and maxed them out to the tune of $60K, had a fling or two with girls that have fathers his age, and done everything possible to avoid being with his children. what kind of father is that? why would i or my children be happier living with someone like that? i know that i said he’s my best friend and that is only because of the children and i feel that i need to have that type of attitude for my kids (it is difficult though – very difficult). also remember we’ve been married 11 years and he wasn’t always this way. i still remember the person that i originally fell in love with before the mid-life crisis.

when i say i love being a single mom i mean that i love the fact that i can function as a single mom and i don’t have to depend on my children’s father. i love the the fact that i’ve had the strength to hold it together for many years and the strength to walk away when the situation became unbearable. i love the fact that i’m able to single handedly provide my children with a roof over their heads and be a responsible adult role model.


28Dawn March 22, 2008 at 4:21 am
Ugh..I just got to this entry, well actually not this entry but to the comments, a little late but I wanted to comment.
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