Tonkin Specialty Coffee

Guest 24 30th Mar, 2024

                         If you are looking for an egg cafe in District 1 that has a quiet, cool and beautiful space to work while enjoying delicious, creamy coffee, try the Tonkin Specialty Coffee.
The restaurant space is beautifully decorated and luxurious. The staff at the restaurant are also extremely friendly.

Egg coffee – Bold characteristic flavor
Egg coffee, a culinary gem of Vietnam, is a harmonious combination of flavors and textures that stimulates the taste buds.
This unique recipe features a smooth combination of egg yolks, condensed milk, sugar and strong Vietnamese coffee, creating a creamy and comforting beverage with a distinctive rich flavor.
Originating in Hanoi in the 1940s, egg coffee was born amid a shortage of fresh milk, prompting creative Vietnamese baristas to experiment with using egg yolks as a substitute.
Today, it is considered a beloved symbol of Vietnamese best coffee culture, beloved for its smooth texture and delightful sweetness.
Whether enjoyed hot or cold, egg coffee offers a luxurious experience that pleases coffee enthusiasts and beginners alike, inviting them to savor every delicious sip.
Tonkin Specialty Coffee – The best coffee eggs
In the heart of our community, Tonkin Specialty Coffee is a symbol of unity and compassion.
In addition to serving premium coffee, we are deeply committed to supporting local farmers and nurturing the land that sustains us.
Our latest initiative focuses on preserving and renovating a 20-year-old coffee farm jointly owned by 10 households in Dak Nong.

Contact Info
If you are interested in advice and support, please contact us immediately:
Tonkin Specialty Coffee
Địa chỉ: 91 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Thanh ward, District 1, HCMC
Hotline: 086 799 0125
Tonkin Garden Cafe
Địa chỉ: 135/50 Tran Hung Dao Str, Cau Ong Lanh ward, District 1, HCMC
Hotline: 087 992 4691
Website : https://tonkin.coffee
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