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I want my son to have that. I want him to see two people in love. I have known so many men, so many women who were raised in loveless marriages and believe me – they have issues.

I do not mean to exhault my single parenthood … I am trying to make the best of a bad hand delt to me…trying to look on the bright side and to believe that one day I will find someone like my father who will love myself and my son – until I find that man – I am going to make the best of being a single parent. And be happy. Because that – at the end of the day – is what will make Benjamin happy.

I am not proud that I’m divorced. But I am a very, very proud mother because I have raised him – thus far – solely on my own with very, very little help from his father.

I realize that there are so many torn households and it breaks my heart. I often hear of friends divorcing for what seems like irrational reasons. Mine were very rational and I really had no choice because he gave me none.

Most of the single women in this community – are single because their men left them or failed them in incredible ways. We were not given a choice and we are making the best of our situations.

Thanks for your input and I do hear your points – they are very good ones. A two parent household may be the best for some children – but not for mine because his father and I together… now that really would have fucked him up.


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