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justlooking July 20, 2014 at 14:20

“I believe your reading comprehension has failed you…..”

Well, no. My response was not against the article or against Mr. Price (read my original response). It was clear in his article that he was writing specifically about illegal immigration. My response was directed specifically to Cecil Henry, when he wrote as if his own parents were not immigrants once.

@Uncle Elmer

Fuck “studies”.

“Fuck the New York Times.”

Of course the studies did not fit the narrative. I bet if they had shown that foreign born doctors were not as good as their American born colleagues, your reaction would be different.
Exactly what the folks in the Manosphere are accusing the feminists for doing: ignore any evidence that does not fit the narative, while amplifying those that do.

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Anon By Choice July 20, 2014 at 14:26
Quoting Welmer:
“””Just think of how many thousands of taxpayer dollars will be spent on each one of these illegals in legal fees, food, housing, professional services and education, and suddenly a “mere 60,000″ becomes a lot more significant. These border jumpers are going to be very, very expensive, but they will provide jobs and money to thousands of liberal Obama supporters.”””
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