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The point is that you can’t have it both ways (and right now MRAs are so hateful and mostly older that they should take whatever they can get).

It’s obvious why these guys always fail (and are subsequently bitter beyond belief).

The farmer’s wife type would never tolerate a man who won’t/can’t work his ass off from sunrise to sunset. She would never want a man who couldn’t provide, protect, and encourage a huge family. She would expect him to hunt, bleed, and die for his family. She isn’t a “submissive” wimp and she’d never worship a man the way those idiot misogynists wish someone would.

And the career woman is not magically going to WANT to “stay home” and “make less” money just because he’s a nice guy and asked. She is intelligent and knows she has options. She wants a man who can earn money like her, keep house like her, and want the same in a “family” that she does. She wants a highly successful person like herself.

She’d never be with a man who needs a girl to clean up his messes or cook his food. She has better things to do. And she also has options.

As long as you idiot MRA/PUA/Cry-bitches keep complaining about “Western Women” and how AWFUL it is for you……we simply won’t date you. *shrugs*

Seems that a lot of men don’t realize that most women would rather wait for a real man……then bother dealing with the retarded and childish demands of guys who are “less than men” like Mike.
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